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Is your sheriff a constitutional sheriff?

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Duty & Promise

As sheriff;

  • "I fully understand that I work for YOU the People."

  • "I will stand up against, and will not enforce ANY unconstitutional laws."

  • "I will not allow ANY other law enforcement or agency, (local, state or federal) to enforce ANY REDFLAG laws, mandates, executive orders on any law abiding citizens of Allegan County."

  • "I will defend and protect our kids."

  • "I will support and defend constitutional carry. As well as a teachers right to carry."


Born and raised in a small town of Ionia, Michigan. He grew up working on crop, dairy, and produce farms. In 1986, he took an oath to defend the Constitution, Country, and more importantly, to defend the citizens of this great nation. With that oath, he faithfully has continued to protect and help communities, and families. While holding a full-time job as a welder/fabricator and raising a daughter, Dean also worked as a firefighter. His dedication to the fire department was for about six years, which also included over a year, working at two different departments. He is a blue-collar guy, who has worked hard his entire life for everything he has. A good ole country boy. A family man, with good family morals. Over three years ago, he drew a line in the sand, and has been standing up and fighting tyrannical government ever since. He will never stop fighting. He will never back down. He will never give up. Dean is not your typical bureaucrat, he is "We the People" .

My Beliefs

Dean Brandt is a lifelong conservative constitutionalist, who believes in adhering to the principles of the U.S. Constitution as originally written and intended by our Founding Fathers.He believes that the constitution is the supreme law of the land and that all government actions should be evaluated in light of its provisions. Dean wants to do what it takes to give Allegan County and the State of Michigan back to We the People!

Proud Member of:

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Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

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Michigan Sheriffs Association



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Text (616) 312-9932

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