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Do you want to endorse Dean Brandt for Allegan County sheriff?

Mare Jewel Westin

  • Candidate Otsego Township Supervisor


I endorse Dean Brandt for Allegan County Sheriff and we both agree that having safer communities are key to a vibrant County. Dean will implement a Community Watch program when he is sworn in that will allow for this to be a success. I look forward to working with him in Otsego Township!

Bill Sage

  • Creator of NACSAC

Bill Sage_edited.jpg

Bill Sage, the creator of National Association of Constitutional States and Counties endorses Dean Brandt in becoming the next Constitutional Sheriff of Allegan County.

Frederick Codoni Jr.

  • Blue Collar Conservative Patriot


If you want a no nonsense sheriff who will stand for constitutional rights as our founding fathers envisioned for this great country, Dean Brandt is your man.

Stephen Young

Child of the King.

Husband of 50 years, Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather 


Allegan County Republican Executive Committee 

4th U.S. Congressional District Executive Committee 

Former 6th U.S. Congressional District Executive Committee

Chairman of Allegan County 2A Sanctuary County Committee

Co-chair Allegan County Patriots


The duly elected County Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the electing county under the Constitution of these united states of America. The Sheriff's responsibilities include working with We the People of the county to protect all of the counties citizens and property against the enemies of freedom (with responsibility and accountability), both foreign and domestic.


Dean Brandt is ready and willing to accept and perform this duty, when elected.

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